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Juan Felipe Rubio
We're all unrepeatable

Every second lived is unrepeatable

All that happens is unrepeatable.
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Juan Felipe Rubio, Colombian documentary photographer specialized in photographing the unrepeatable.

The main struggle in his job is to constantly adapt to a new situation and/or dealing with adverse conditions.

In general he likes challenging photography and is interested in photographing people doing things.

His portfolio is wide and varied, since his expertise is in telling stories, and his skills in documentary photography apply to almost any subject: sports, editorial, concerts and live music, still photography in audiovisual, theatrical productions and commercial. He photographs reports for media and editorial projects. Portraits. Management reports for NGOs, environmental and social responsibility projects, industrial processes, brand activations, weddings, social, corporate and academic events.

His country, Colombia, a land that fluctuates between the beautiful and the cruel, fascinating like no other, is also unrepeatable. Each of its regions is enriching in its own way. The nature of his work has given him the unique opportunity to explore it and open his mind and heart to the great natural and cultural diversity of Colombia.

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